Source code for thesportsdb.leagues

All League related API interactions on the free tier.

Get All Leagues.
Get League Info.
Get Leagues for Sport.
Get Table for League at a particular Season.
from __future__ import absolute_import
import thesportsdb.settings as TSD
from thesportsdb.requests import make_request

[docs]def allLeagues(): """ Retrieve all leagues for all sports provided by the API. Returns a dict object with the json data obtained. """ return make_request(TSD.ALL_LEAGUES) ...
[docs]def leagueSeasonTable(league_id: str, season: str): """ Retrieve the League's Table Standing for the Particular Season Specified. """ return make_request(TSD.LEAGUE_SEASON_TABLE, l=league_id, s=season) ...
[docs]def leagueInfo(league_id: str): """ Retrieve the details for the League identified by the `league_id` """ return TSD.LEAGUE_MAP.get(league_id) ...
[docs]def sportLeagues(sport_id: str): """ Retrieve all leagues for the sport identified by `sport_id`. """ return {"leagues": TSD.SPORTS_LEAGUES_MAP.get(sport_id, None)} ...